2014 Cape Coral Hurricanes Regular PRE-Season Team Player Roster:


The Cape Coral Hurricanes are entering their 2nd Season in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) - 4th Division of U.S. Soccer!  We've had two successful Open Tryouts and have been working on filling the majority of the official NPSL 26 man roster.  The remaining few spots will be selected as we get more college players back in town to tryout for the team and go through the Pre-Season schedule.  The full roster will be selected by the end of April.


Official 2014 PRE-Season Player Roster:

2014 Pre-Season - 26 Man Team Roster - As of 4/11/14

















Player Name

Antonio Wint

Davian Cranston

Alvis Ortega

Jose Hernandez

Jordy Elera

Olivier Benedict

Kurt Albrecht

Andres Encala

Koulton Mudick

Michael Arenz

Sean Gartlan

Mathias Hurtado

Eric Carruega

















Player Name

Sergio Pomajambo

Philip Nguyen

Ian Crawford

Matthew Barnhart

Wilfredo Alvarez

John Teeter

Aksil Douicher



Tyler Till

Federico Mejia

Heitor Pinoti

Rico Hernandez

Julion Blanco











The players listed above in RED will be dressing for the next AWAY Match against Miami United on Saturday, April 12th at 4 pm at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, FL. 

Cape Coral players will meet at the Walmart on Del Prado Blvd at 11:00 am, Fort Myers players will meet at Walmart on Colonial at 11:20 am and Naples players at Walmart at Exit 101 at 11:40am


Below are current players current selected for the 2014 PRE-Season roster:

We want to thank each of their Player Sponsors for generously supporting the team.

CLICK on the Player's Name (in royal blue) to be taken to their Individual Personal Player Profile Page.

* RED below Indicated Injured Players

* Light blue Players below indicated as players not yet cleared


You'll notice that some of the players have played with us in the last season or two and some of these players were well known High School soccer standouts and have numerous accolades from the previous few years and while they have taken their God given talents to some top college programs throughout the state and beyond, we are VERY proud that they have decided to come back home to SW Florida and play with us this summer.


Name Position Height Weight Birth Date Previous Team / Hometown Personal Sponsor


Jeff Varner Dir. of Operations 5'7" 205 2/15/71 Quad City Eagles Terrasi Media, Inc.
Roy Hill Head Coach       Clearwater Chargers  
Liam Farrell Assistant Coach       Catawba College  
Kurt Albrecht

Asst. Coach / Player

5'8" 170


Quad City Eagles  





Player Position Height Weight Birth Date Previous Team / Hometown Personal Player Sponsor
  Eric Carruega M 5'11" 170 5/6/94 Cape Hurricanes  
  John Teeter LB 5'9" 165 11/12/92 Cape Hurricanes  
  Sergio Pomajambo M 5'7" 146 11/13/91 Lely HS  
  Alvis Ortega CM 5'10" 165 12/26/77 Cape Hurricanes  

Olivier Benedict

DM 5'11" 180 12/23/93 Cape Hurricanes  
  Philip Nguyen OM 5'9" 155   Springfield Demise  

Kurt Albrecht

DM 5'8" 170 6/5/86 Quad City Eagles  
  Wilfredo Alvarez M 5'7" 155 2/12/92 Cape Hurricanes  

Davian Cranston

F 6'1" 168 12/27/83 Cape Hurricanes  
  Antonio Wint F/OM 5'8" 194 8/8/88 Cape Hurricanes  
  Mathias Hurtado M 5'7" 145 3/898 Naples HS  
  Sean Gartlan D 6'1" 160 3/11/94 Cape Cyclones  
  Michael Arenz D/F 6'1" 185 5/13/94 Cape Hurricanes  
  Koulton Mudick CB/OB 6'2" 180      
  Rico Hernandez M 5'7" 151 1/26/93 Cape Hurricanes  
  Jared Bieber D 5'10" 165      
  Jahdea Gilden GK 6'1" 175 1/9/88 SWFL Adrenaline  
  Federico Mejia RM 5'10" 178 4/21/92 Kingston FC  
  Sebastian Henke RB 6'1" 170      
  Ramez Al-Hebshi M 6'1" 185      
  Tyler Chavez M          
  Jordan Collins M          
  Yves Dietrich GK          
  Rodrigo Espriu F          
  John Evans GK          
  Corey Faughnan F          
  James Gibson D          
  Austin Gochneaur M          
  Sergio Gonzalez-Ruiz M          
  Ryan Jackson M          
  Ivo Lima F          
  Andrew Palumbo M          
  Gus Pederson GK          
  Steven Rocca M          


Since our NPSL Roster is different from our Pre-Season Roster, we let many of the Reserve Team players play in the Pre-Season games.  If you would like to see what players were selected for the 2014 Pre-Season roster:  CLICK HERE


Our Cape Coral Hurricanes U23 RESERVE Team:


We had well over 100 very good players tryout for the NPSL 4th Division team this spring and many of them can play at this level but we can only fill 26 spots officially with the NPSL.  So, with the help of our new ownership and our corporate sponsors, we have decided field an Official Reserve Squad as well!  You can learn more about our Reserve Team by clicking on their links below.


 It also should be noted that since we will have over 40 players in the organization, players can be brought up or dropped at any time.  Every player has signed a Player Agreement that contains a Code of Conduct, so everyone needs to always be on their best behavior and every player needs to be working as hard as they can to retain their spot on the roster.



2014 Cape Coral Hurricanes U23 "White" RESERVE Team - Click HERE


2014 Season Game Rosters:

To see the roster for the March 15th game at the IUSA Scrimmage, click HERE:

To see the roster for the March 22nd game at the Ave Maria Scrimmage, click HERE:

To see the roster for the April 12th game at Miami United (EC#1), click HERE:

To see the roster for the April 19th game at Tampa Marauders (GCC#1), click HERE:

To see the roster for the April 25th game VS Tampa Marauders (GCC#2), click HERE:

To see the roster for the May 2nd game VS Miami United (NPSL#1), click HERE:

To see the roster for the May 10th game VS Tampa Marauders (NPSL#2), click HERE:




2013 NPSL Season Rosters:

To see the rosters for each the 2013 Season's games, click HERE:




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