Our Mission & Vision:


Our entire organization, along with our parent company Cape Coral Soccer Clubs, LLC is an advocate for soccer and while revolutionizing the game in Southwest Florida, we are committed to providing top quality entertainment at high levels of professional and ethical standards all in the honor of Glorifying God.


We will be forthright in our business practices, maintain fiscal responsibility and strive to continually improve our processes, all while finding ways to support the community. We realize that our success mainly depends upon our player’s success and that we are a platform that enables our local talent to be showcased abroad as we help make dreams come true.


We will mold a team that our community and God can be proud of.  We will be the class of the league, always competing at it's highest but being honest, forthright, passionate and supportive along the way.  Even though we have team members and supporters from all over the world, our Christian values will be ever present and paramount.  It is in HIS Glory that we will successful, no matter what the outcome on the field is.


Cape Coral Hurricanes Team History:


The Beginning:

Over FOUR years ago in June of 2010, we started with our GRASS ROOTS effort to bring a professionally run, Top-Amateur soccer team to Cape Coral.  We have spent countless hours researching the market, researching the various leagues and negotiating with prospective investors.  With the success of our first season, we are exploring various league affiliation options.  Whatever that outcome, we will continue to develop the team to be as competitive as possible with the ambition of making a run at qualifying for the U.S. Open Cup.


Our Inaugural Season & 1st NPSL Season:

In the spring and summer of 2012, we successfully fielded a team of top local talent that played a full season of exhibition games.  We had seven home games and four vital away games all against teams that played in the USL PDL.  We even got the Jacksonville Destroyers PDL team to come here to play us in Cape Coral.  These games gave us a tremendous amount of experience and truly indicated the strength of our team.  We will take the experience of our inaugural season and continue to hone our team, improve our skills and fitness as we look forward to the 2013 season and the qualifying tournaments.


Then, during 2013, our first full year as a developed team, we played our Inaugural Season in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) which is in the 4th Division of U.S. Soccer !  We participated in the South Region of the league in the newly formed Sunshine Conference which also has the following teams:  Tampa Marauders, Miami United, Jacksonville United, and the Georgia Revolution.  It is truly going to put our whole area on the sport's world map!  We also further developed our website, Facebook and Twitter on social media.


Then, last year in 2014, our second year in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) and once again, we participated in the South Region of the league in the Sunshine Conference which had the following teams:  Tampa Marauders, Miami United, Jacksonville United, and the Storm FC (Fort Lauderdale).  It continued to put our whole area on the sport's world map!  We also significantly further developed our website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube pages on social media.



In 2015, after seeing the NPSL was going through some restructuring and also raised fees again, we decided to look into other options.  It is within our right, per our contract with the NPSL, to take one year off (for any reason) and then still return the following year.


So after much deliberation, and exploring other leagues as well, we decided to take the summer off to explore our options.  We also are in negotiations with a big, International soccer brand to work with them as well. So, exciting times for sure and we know that we'll make the correct decision moving forward in 2016 and beyond.

How You Can Help:

To accomplish the goals we've set forth, we need to build a fantastic fan base, we are always in need of volunteers, we need additional sponsors, we need more marketing and advertising partners and as much media coverage as possible.  We even have a few more spots for additional investors.  We are continually improving our business practices and budget to have our organization be an attractive investment.  With proper planning, negotiating efforts, significant team sponsorships, promotional sales, ad sales and ticket sales, we will continue to show that our city can support a professionally run team !  We've had a fantastic first season even with the down economy that we experienced.


Yes, YOU can help by spreading the news about our soccer team!  We also have numerous marketing partnership options and it's more affordable that you may think.  If you are interested in team partnerships, please contact General Manager J.P. Terrasi at jp@capehurricanes.com .


Local Support:

Please note that at this time, we are not asking for any city or governmental funding in any way.  This will not need to be debated at City Council meetings nor be approved for any funding.  We are only asking for outspoken support of our city leadership. 


Overall, things have gone much better than anticipated with our efforts.  We have encountered little resistance and a lot of excitement and cooperation along the way.  Since we've seen efforts like this fail numerous times in the city, we've decided to tackle it a different way.  We started from the ground up and asked all that we came in contact with for their support, guidance and help with this effort.


Our Faith:

But we continue to realize that we can't do it alone.  We consistently ask God for guidance, perseverance and wisdom to do what is right and in HIS will.  With his blessing and with the hard work of our staff, volunteers and supporters, we have been given a team we can call "OUR OWN"!  A team that is fully supported by our community and blessed by God. 


We will continue to ask for support from our citizens, schools, organizations, businesses, governmental and community leadership along the way.  So, please contact us if you (or someone you know) would like to help.  We will be needing volunteers on game day, people to help sell field banners, team sponsorships and even ad sales in our FULL COLOR magazine-style professional program.  At the very least, if you would at least keep us in your prayers as we make the necessary preparations for a fantastic 2013 season!


Our Beginning - "Bring The Team":

When we first developed this idea we wanted to get a general consensus on the idea of bringing a team to Cape Coral so we developed a website that asked for that outward support.  The website at www.BringTheTeam.com showed prospective investors and city leadership that we are openly asking the community to show support for this team by signing a petition to "Bring The Team" here to Cape Coral, Florida.  We still constantly monitor the success of that site and each person that "signs" the petition is also given the option to receive our team newsletter.  It is our goal to have at least 5,000 signatures by the end of 2012.  But personally, I think that we will well surpass that figure.


We WILL NOT sell or pass along your email or contact information to ANYONE!  By signing the petition on that website, you simply are supporting the idea of having this professionally run soccer team in Cape Coral.  You can also select to be included in the team's newsletter and get updates on our progress and season.


The Future:

In 2016, we will continue exploring options with the Sunshine Conference of the NPSL, which brought in three NEW teams to the Conference in 2015.  We are also working on an agreement to have our team mascot that will be at all of our games and some community events and possibly even a cheer squad in the next year. If your business would like to be involved with these truly unique community initiatives, please contact us today.


With YOUR help and the Glory of God, we will continue to build upon the great success that we had in 2013 & 2014.  We will develop the team, build our brand and the sport of soccer in 2016, culminating, hopefully with a run at the U.S. Open Cup !  The ticket prices will continue to be nominal and we will have various ticket packages and merchandise to satisfy all kinds of soccer enthusiasts.  It is our intention to be very affordable and to have every family in Cape Coral and beyond able to come out, enjoy and support YOUR TEAM!




As we mentioned, we cannot do this alone and this team's success is going to rely solely on the excitement and acceptance of our local residents and all the soccer fans in Southwest Florida.  So, if you are interested in seeing this team succeed, there are many things you can do.  The easiest of which is simply signing the petition to support this Cape Coral team.  Please go to the website below and sign the petition or contact us with other suggestions. 


I would like to let everyone know that I personally want to Thank you for your continued support.  Please know that I can be reached anytime for questions or to share ideas.  Please feel free to contact me.  Thank you again.  See you soon!


Thank you again for your support! 

J.P. Terrasi - President & General Manager







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