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Cape Coral Hurricanes GM to be included in Florida Soccer Expo Panel

Terrasi, along with Tom Mulroy, President of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers & Marino Torrens,

President of the FYSA will lead panel discussion on the possibility of an MLS team in Miami

By Jeff - www.CapeCoral.com

September 4, 2013

Cape Coral Hurricanes General Manager J.P. Terrasi, along with Fort Lauderdale Strikers President Tom Mulroy and Florida Youth Soccer Association President Marino Torrens, will highlight one of the panel discussions at the Florida Soccer Expo in Miami.  The event will take place during the weekend of September 14th and 15th, 2013.

The Florida Soccer Expo is a two-day, multi-tiered event being held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.  The expo will feature a trade show, indoor soccer tournament, live coaching clinics, exciting interactive areas, vendors and soccer related seminars discussing important soccer topics.

At noon on Sunday, September 15th, Terrasi, Mulroy & Torrens will discuss and answer questions on the highly popular and tumultuous topic “Does Miami meet the conditions for a Major League Soccer team?” 
Terrasi was invited to be a part of the panel discussion by event organizer Fernando Pafumi.  Terrasi will also represent the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) at the expo as the league will have a booth at the trade show as well. Terrasi, who also owns Terrasi Media, a marketing company based out of Cape Coral, Florida was elected earlier this year as the Marketing Chairperson for the NPSL.

The discussion should be interesting as each of the panelists have varied experiences in the soccer profession and surely different points of view.  Tom Mulroy, the President of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, whose team plays in the country’s 2nd Division North American Soccer League (NASL) would be the nearest professional team to the proposed MLS Miami franchise. 

J.P. Terrasi, the General Manager of the Cape Coral Hurricanes, whose team plays in the country’s 4th Division National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) may have a different point of view having the soccer profession significantly elevated in the state with a new MLS team in the area, while Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) President Marino Torrens will be able to contribute from the state’s youth perspective.

With MLS (Major League Soccer) Commissioner Don Garber recently announcing that the top tier of American soccer will expand by four new teams by the year 2020, discussions speculating on which cities will be awarded the franchises have been in abundance on social media and traditional media alike.
“Many people believe that Miami is one of the top prospects for getting one of the four new MLS franchises,” stated J.P. Terrasi, General Manager of the Cape Coral Hurricanes. “This will be an opportunity to discuss that possibility and I’m extremely excited about being invited to participate in that panel discussion.  This has been an extremely hot topic in not only the Miami area but all over the country.”

Miami, along with other cities like Orlando, Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Indianapolis and San Diego have been the leading prospects for the new MLS teams but only time will tell. “Certainly Miami is perfectly suited for an MLS franchise from a marketing standpoint, but the main questions have always been surrounding potential ownership, stadium concerns and physical  attendance at the games,” said Terrasi, “this will surely be one of the more prominent, entertaining and informative discussions at the expo and it’s an honor to be included.”

The Florida Soccer Expo inaugural event will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 14th & Sunday, September 15th at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.  There will be over 60 vendors present, including ESPN Sports, Telemundo Network, Diloa Sports, Admiral, National Premier Soccer League and others.

The event has been created to entertain families and soccer enthusiasts alike.  It will feature a FIFA 13 video game tournament, a 3-on-3 indoor soccer tournament, coaching clinics, an interactive play area, numerous food vendors as well as behind-the-scenes tours of the stadium and professional locker rooms.
You can find out more about the Florida Soccer Expo at 
www.FloridaSoccerExpo.com and you can even get a 20% OFF discount on event tickets by visiting the Cape Coral Hurricane’s website and clicking on the expo link to get the discount code.

For more information on the Cape Coral Hurricanes, their 2013 NPSL Season, the NPSL 4th Division of U.S. Soccer league and their playoffs, the Hurricane’s players and more, you can visit their website at:www.CapeHurricanes.com.

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Support Your Local Cape Coral Hurricanes

Come on out and support our local professional soccer team!

By Tammy - www.Come-To-Cape-Coral.com

August 4, 2013


The team is part of the National Premier Soccer League and play 4th Division in the Southern League of the Sunshine Conference, which includes teams from Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Atlanta.


Their inaugural season was in 2012 after 2 years of putting the team together.


Hurricanes soccer home games are played on weekend afternoons or evenings, and are at Cape Coral High School.


As for their season ........ pre-scrimmage games start in March, pre-season games are played in April, and their regular season runs from May - August.


The soccer field is way behind the high school, so keep driving until you get to the entrance gate.


Tickets are inexpensive, with even more discounts for students, seniors and soccer club members.  Love soccer?  Then buy VIP or seasonal tickets at great prices.  Locations for advance tickets will be available soon.


I enjoyed watching part of a game one evening when it started to cool down a bit.  Fortunately the bleachers back up to the west, providing some shade to more comfortably watch.


The game that I went to featured a match against Tampa.  I quickly figured out the Hurricanes were wearing white.  They played a good game, made the first goal,  and eventually won 3-1 ...... yay for Cape Coral soccer!


If you don't have to time get dinner or lunch, you can pick up food and drinks at the snack bar.


To read the full article online, please click on the following link: http://www.come-to-cape-coral.com/cape-coral-hurricanes.html


The Cape Coral Hurricanes aim is to always display the highest professional ethics in sportsmanship, business dealings, and every regard ........ all while glorifying God.  The team also supports autism causes in Southwest Florida.


Contact them for more information about tickets, schedules, and game locations:


Cape Coral Hurricanes
2804 Del Prado Blvd South
(239)677-8752 Phone
(239)339-8054 Voicemail


Cape Hurricanes support local talent in SWFL

Special to Vista Semanal

By Luis Santos Zanelli

July 29, 2013


This is an article that was translated through Google Translate.


Cape Coral, FL - 1 year ago we had no league semi-professional football in Southwest Florida, and today we have 2 teams playing in two semi-professional leagues nationwide: SWFL Adrenaline (based in Naples, and who play PDL under the USL) and today we focus on Cape Hurricanes (based in Cape Coral, and who play in the League NPSL).


To make the story short, we agree that in the U.S. we have the MLS (1st Division), and below it we have 2 professional organizations soccer: USL and NASL. The country we live in is huge, so it still does not state for sure what is the 2nd or 3rd division (if only for now dictates that the USL is the 2nd Division, take good logistics). Furthermore, in U.S. - Unique feature of world football - no loss of status, and teams that finish in late position not lower their categories, nor the teams that win their divisions (2nd or 3rd) will go up category - what we do occurs in Argentina, Mexico, or even in China.


Inside the USL and NASL have they themselves have a pyramid, where the top is your Premier League, but just one step below it we have the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) in the NASL, and the PDL in of the USL. These leagues are generally used for young players to make their entry into the football market in the USA.


There the context is nationally, and the League is subdivided into groups geographically correct, so transportation and lodging expenses not check out a pretty penny to these clubs just starting. Then in the League NPSL (National Premier Soccer League), we have the Cape Coral Hurricanes is located geographically in the group of "Sunshine Conference". To see the final statistics visit: http://www.nationalpremiersoccerleague.com/stats/index_E.html


Cape Coral Hurricanes out in "Sunshine Conference"


The Cape Hurricanes players began their voyage local losing (0-3) vs. Miami United.Then tied with that eventually would become the Sunshine Conference champions (1-1 vs. Jacksonville FC). After that game, the Hurricanes were going to lose their other two home games vs. Revolution and FC Tampa Georgia, and of course, not to mention visiting their 4 games these same teams, where he lost all! While these numbers scare anyone, it was not all bad. Consider that Cape Hurricanes gave players the opportunity to SWFL our yard. While local multiplayer first came to the tests that were made to be part of this team, only players are the best, and also those who were disciplined enough to understand that this was a great opportunity for them.


Cape Hurricane team in your 1st season, but failed to achieve its sporting objectives under the experience of players like Antonio Wint (# 14) and Alvis Friend Ortega (# 4), he found that the young people here, with more how are you experiences, his wisdom will grow, and we foresee a good future in the football world if they propose. Such is the case of: # 17 Andres Franco (Former Golden Gate HS), # 6 Owen McCorckle (ex Gulf Coast HS), # 18 Andrew Palumbo (former Bishop Verot), # 13 Eric Carruega (Former North Fort Myers HS) , Olivier B., and goalkeeper Daniel Villamil (Ex Cape Coral HS).


Do not look for me, I find you ...

Luis Santos-Zanelli




Hurricanes host "Cup" series finale

Special to the Breeze , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

July 26, 2013


The Cape Coral Hurricanes finish off their NPSL soccer season with a flurry of promotions including reduced ticket prices, drawings, giveaways, contests and even a fundraiser for a new playground for children living with autism at the Peace By Piece Learning Center in Fort Myers.


Half of the game's proceeds are destined to go to Peace By Peace. Game tickets are half price Saturday night when the Hurricanes play the Tampa Marauders in the final leg of the "Gulf Coast Cup" series between the rival neighbors.


The winner of the series gets a three-foot trophy to take home till next season. Saturday's game kicks off at 7 p.m. at Cape Coral High School.


"We were very happy to hear that the Hurricanes would be helping us raise funds for our new playground," said Tracey Demarest, the schools director of operations. "We've been wanting to build a safer and more stimulating playground for some time now. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that soon with help from kind organizations like the Hurricanes."


The Hurricanes gave away about a dozen prizes last weekend and will do the same this weekend.


"We want to end this season with some cool promotions that will hopefully get a lot of fans out to the park to enjoy some high quality soccer, while taking part in raising funds for the school," said team general manager J.P. Terrasi.


See more at: http://www.cape-coral-daily-breeze.com/page/content.detail/id/535817/Hurricanes-host--Cup--series-finale.html?nav=5015#sthash.c5Xsvw9W.dpuf


Cape Coral Hurricanes Getting Ready for Home Stretch

Cape Coral Daily Breeze

July 16, 2013


The Cape Coral Hurricanes, back from 5 weeks on the road, are currently gearing up for their last four more games including this weekend's 2nd Annual "Battle Over The Bridge" Match against the Fort Myers Genesis team and in two weeks, the finale of the popular " Gulf Coast Cup" series against the Tampa Marauders on Saturday, July 27.


These last four games will also highlight various promotions, contests, giveaways and a very special promotion as the Hurri-canes help raise funds for Lee County children living with autism. Half of the proceeds for each game will be donated to the Peace By Piece Learning Center located in Fort Myers.


Those attending will be helping to raise funds to build a new Playground for the children

- Saturday, July 20, vs. Fort Myers Genesis; Cape Coral High School, 7 p.m.

- Saturday, July 27, vs. Tampa Marauders; Cape Coral High School, 7 p.m.

- Saturday, Aug. 3, vs. Cape Coral All Stars; Cape Coral High School, 7 p.m.

- Saturday, Aug. 10, vs. South Florida Miami FC; Cape Coral High School, 7 p.m.


To read the full article online, visit: http://www.cape-coral-daily-breeze.com/page/content.detail/id/535701/Cape-Coral-Hurricanes--geting-ready-for-home-stretch.html?nav=5015


Cape Hurricanes Blowing Up a Storm

Fledgling team posts impressive games.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Special to the News Press (www.News-Press.com) written by: Rod Clarke Clarkecomm@aol.com

Hurricane season is upon us, and so far, Hurricanes Andrea, Barry and Chantel have yet to make an appearance. But Hurricanes Cody, Andrew and Olivier have already been blowing up quite a storm around Southwest Florida.


Andrea, Barry and Chantal are the first three named storms selected for the 2013 season by the National Hurricane Center.

Cody Antonini, Andrew Palumbo and Olivier Benedict are star players on the Cape Coral Hurricanes, Southwest Florida’s fledgling entry in the pro National Premier Soccer League.

Team founder and principal owner J.P. Terrasi said the Hurricanes started the season shorthanded due to a league technicality.

After a shaky start this season, the team started to jell, he said, posting a couple of impressive performances against powerful opponents.

“US Soccer now makes sure that all of your players are cleared if they were born in another country,” he said. “A couple of guys took longer than anticipated, so the first game, we missed seven of our 11 starters. They’re here, they work here, they go to school here but they were born in another country, so they have to be cleared.”

It was rough for the first couple of games because we didn’t have those players and a lot of our guys were still in college when we started our preseason, so our preseason was a learning experience,” Terrasi said. “But once the actual season started, we’re doing pretty well.”

Cape Coral Hurricanes forward Rocky Gifford, left, dribbles around a Tampa Marauder defender. / CAPE CORAL HURRICANES/SPECIAL TO THE NEWS-PRESS


Signs began emerging in May that this team might have something special going.

First, the Hurricanes played the 2011 NPSL national champions Jacksonville United to a nail-biting 1-1 tie.

“Then we played a non-league exhibition game against the Ocala Stampede,” Terrasi said. “They’re in the PDL (Premier Development League) and they won the conference last year, they won the whole Southeast Division of the PDL. And they’re in this year’s U.S. Open Cup.

“And we beat them!”

Terrasi says the Hurricanes’ squad is rich with home-grown talent.

“Andrew Palumbo is probably one of the most highly recruited players coming out of Southwest Florida in recent memory,” he said. “He was recruited all over the country.”

Palumbo, who played at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, is a standout junior forward at Darton State College in Albany, Ga.

Centerback Olivier Benedict and midfielder Kevin Lopera were teammates on Cape Coral High School’s 2010-11 4-A State Soccer Championship team, Terrasi said. John Teeter went to Mariner High and Beker Escalante, Davian Cranston, Ramez Al-Hebshi and reserve team member Juan Cano also attended Cape Coral high schools.

“We have more from Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Bishop Verot in Fort Myers, and most of the rest from Collier County Schools,” he said.

“There are only a couple of players not from the area on the whole team. It’s an almost all local Southwest Florida area team.”

But the Hurricanes’ star appeared out of nowhere.

“Our best player is Cody Antonini. He played for current NPSL national champions from Pennsylvania and he was selected to the All Star team and all-region and all conference,” Terrasi said. “His parents and brother live in the Cape and he lives with them for the summer.

“Can you believe that? We got one of the best NPSL players in the country on our team and he fell out of the blue sky.”

Antononi said what could have been an awkward situation — an established star from out-of-town stepping in on a new team — never developed.

“The kids have been great about welcoming me in,” he said.

As a fourth division team of U.S. Soccer, the Hurricanes are a professional team but the players are unpaid.

Terrasi said a major component in the team’s culture is community involvement.

Terrasi said that community involvement extends to ticket prices for Hurricane home games at Cape Coral High.

“The league wants us to charge $10; most teams are charging $8,” Terrasi said. “We’re only charging $6 because my sponsorship is saving us so much. Kids under 14 with an adult are free.”

The Cape Coral Hurricanes, who practice Tuesday and Thursday night at Jim Jeffers Park, don’t hold seminars to explain how to prepare for hurricane season. But Terrasi has a few tips.

“Come out and watch your Hurricanes, the only sports team in town,” he said. “It’s really a community-based team. So support your Hurricanes as they get ready for their hurricane season.”

If you would like to read the full article online at the News Press website, click on the following link:


OR you can download the pdf of the article HERE:


Hurricanes Eye League Match

Friday, May 31, 2013

Special to the Breeze , Cape Coral Daily Breeze - www.Cape-Coral-Daily-Breeze.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes are looking forward to Friday's NPSL league game at 7 p.m. Friday against the

Tampa Marauders at Cape Coral High School's Dave Warkentin Field.

The two teams already have played three preseason matches against each other since the two cities are so close and the Marauders have won each of those matches.

This is the one that counts," says J.P. Terrasi, the Hurricanes' general manager. "The first few games were preseason and just warm up matches. We were only able to play our local high school and college players then, but now that we have our full team together, we're looking forward to a different outcome."

The Hurricanes made the trip to Tampa last week in round three of the "Gulf Coast Cup" series of exhibition matches with the Marauders, but again was short handed both before and after the match. ?

"With a few guys just getting into town from college and a couple others having to work, we only took 15 to Tampa. With injuries to starting goalkeeper John Damasco Jr. and Cody Antonini, we came back worse off then we went up." said Hurricanes coach John Damasco Sr. "Our goalkeeper went down with a bad ankle injury as he stepped into a hole on the field and had to be carried off. Cody slightly pulled a hamstring as he fell in the center of the field where it was mostly sand. Two very tough losses early in the game to try and recover from. Overall, not a great trip."

Then, things got a little worse as one of the Hurricanes players got a second yellow card very early in the second half leaving the Hurricanes to finish the game with just 10 men on the field.

"Not many yellow cards are given out in friendly games," exclaimed Terrasi, "but surely not an unprovoked second one to send him off. Just not heard of and pretty disappointing. We seemed to come together and play well after that setback until the very end of the game. It's just difficult to finish out a game being a man down for half of it."

Forward Antonio Wint got the Hurricanes' only goal early in the second half as they showed a bit of life. Two questionable offsides calls spelled their doom and the team limped back home determined to make things right in the rematch on Friday night.

"The team played well again, we just had some calls go against us that was hard to come back from. It will be a different story Friday night," stated Damasco.

One thing is for certain, there definitely is a rivalry brewing between the two teams that will prove to make for a great game.

"This game is HUGE for us," said Terrasi. "I'm confident that we'll get the win here at home, but it surely will be entertaining!"

Both teams are members of the newly formed Sunshine Conference of the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) that also includes Miami United, Jacksonville United and the Georgia Revolution.

Friday night marks the first official NPSL league match between the two teams.

Tickets will be sold at the gate for $6 for adults, $4 for students. Youth (14 and under) who are members of any youth soccer organization get in free with a paid adult as long as they wear their soccer club jersey.

For more information on the league and the Hurricanes visit their website: www.capehurricanes.com or www.npslsoccer.net.

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Hurricanes shut out for fifth time in 2013

The South Region's Sunshine Conference match highlights

Saturday, June 1, 2013

by Jeff Kuntz - 239Sports - www.239sports.com

A lack of offense continues to plague the Cape Coral Hurricanes as the National Premier Soccer League team fell to the Tampa Marauders by a 1-0 score last night at Cape Coral High School

While this is the first NPSL regular season match between the two clubs, they had played three legs of the Gulf Coast Cup already this year with the Marauders winning all of those games as well.

In the four games against Tampa, the Hurricanes have scored just one goal.


Meanwhile, in three NPSL regular season matches this year, the Hurricanes have also scored just one goal.


Looking for positives from last night’s game, Hurricanes goalkeeper Juan Carlos Intriago’s play in the first half alone was worth the price of admission. Intriago was aggressive and consistently challenged the Tampa shooters making save after save.

Quite frankly the rest of the Hurricanes players appeared mostly uninterested in the first half while Intriago displayed passion and effort. It may have been that passion, however, that led to Tampa’s only goal of the game.

In the 35th minute a defensive mistake by Hurricanes defender Cameron Popik put Intriago in a tough position where he was left to defend one-on-one against a Marauder player just 5 or 6 feet away from the net and poised to potentially score a goal.2013-06-01-Hurricanes-pre-game

Intriago tried to make a play, reaching to snag the ball while diving, but was a little too aggressive and ended up tripping the Tampa forward and thus the referees awarded the Marauders a penalty kick.

Our game notes showed the player that Intriago fouled was Tampa’s number 9, forward Dwight Barnett.

However, the penalty kick was taken by midfielder Oscar Carmona – who wears number 4. Perhaps we confused the 9 and the 4 from afar, or perhaps Carmona was directed to take the penalty kick in place of Barnett. To be completely honest, we don’t know.

Either way, Carmona made no mistake and buried the penalty kick past Intriago to give the Marauders the only goal they would need.

The Hurricanes official Twitter feed called the penalty kick award a “light foul in the box” on Intriago but in our opinion it was the correct call by the referee.

Tampa tried hard to add to their lead before half-time, with shots by Tampa midfielders Juan Balcazar and Ben Foerstner, but Intriago was up to the task.

Foerstner was buzzing all game, clearly establishing himself as one of the key contributes for the Marauders – and without question was the hardest working player on the field for either team last night.

At half time, the score was only 1-0 and quite frankly it could have been 3-0 or worse.

In fact, Cape Coral’s players got more yellow cards (2) in the first half than quality shots on net (we counted none). The yellows went to Antonio Wint in the 14th minute for knocking down a defender who was defenseless on the play, and to Nick Murawski in the 42nd minute for a sliding tackle. Fair calls on both occasions.

While the first half was a lopsided affair in Tampa’s favor, the second half of the game was a totally different story. Perhaps feeding off of Intriago’s enthusiasm, the rest of the Hurricanes came to life and dominated the play taking shot after shot – and having plenty of other scoring opportunities where their passes were a little off or the Marauders were fortunate and/or defended the play well.

Cape Coral took over a half dozen shots on net, but also had several that sailed wide or high.

The fans could sense frustration setting in with the Hurricanes who were trying so hard to score. One Hurricane player verbally chastised one of the “ball boys” for not responding quickly enough for the player’s liking when the soccer ball was kicked out of bounds.

In a way, we appreciate the player’s urgency for wanting to get the play moving.

But in another way, that kid was minding his own business when he got pulled out of the stands and assigned the duty in the first few minutes of the game when it was obvious the game officials needed the extra help.

All in all, the game officials – and ball boys – did a great job. The best thing we can say about the officiating is that it wasn’t a factor in the outcome, and that’s all you can ask.

The Hurricanes also did a great job in the second half, but failed to score. There were certainly more than a few moments when the crowd rose to its feet in anticipation of the Hurricanes goal, but the Marauders kept the ball out of the net one way or another.

As much as we try to be completely objective when we attend games, we have to admit the second half was actually a lot of fun to watch.

And even in the first half, the crowd at Cape Coral High School was treated to an entertaining performance by Intriago.

It is worth noting that several of the Hurricanes best players were sidelined with injuries, including offensive contributers Cody Antonini and Andrew Palumbo.

Starting goalkeeper John Damasco Jr. was also injured and unable to play, however as we’ve painstakingly noted we don’t think the goaltending was the reason the team lost last night.

Even if Damasco was in net for the Hurricanes, it’s highly unlikely he would have scored any desperately needed goals for Cape Coral.

The Hurricanes remain in last place in the NPSL’s Sunshine Division, but a shake-up could be underway as Miami United forfeited their game last weekend against the Georgia Revolution – and a source familiar with the NPSL told 239Sports that United will forfeit tomorrow’s match against the Tampa Marauders as well.

While we do not have any kind of confirmation as to what’s going on with Miami United, experience tells us in circumstances like this that there may be financial factors involved.

The Hurricanes’ next scheduled game is June 9th against Georgia in Cape Coral.

For more information, please visit capehurricanes.com.

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Cape Coral Hurricanes Return Home to Take On Conference Rival

This is the third regular season game in the Hurricanes' inaugural NPSL season.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

POSTED Thu, 05/30/2013 - 1:42am | POSTED BY Jeff Koehn - www.CapeCoral.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes return to Seahawk Field this week to take on a familiar foe.

The team is scheduled to play the Tampa Marauders this Friday night. The two teams have become quite familiar with each other so far this season. In what has been labeled as the “Gulf Coast Cup” series, the Hurricanes and Marauders have squared off in three pre-season/exhibition games so far this season. Tampa has come away from all three games victorious.

The two teams most recently met in Tampa just last weekend. The Hurricanes not only went down in defeat, but also came back to town with a few costly injuries, “Our goalkeeper went down with a bad ankle injury as he stepped into a hole on the field and had to be carried off.  Cody (Antonini) slightly pulled a hamstring as he fell in the center of the field where it was mostly sand,” explained Hurricane Head Coach John Damasco, Sr. “Two very tough losses early in the game to try and recover from.  Overall, not a great trip.”

The Hurricanes are looking to bounce back from the defeat with a full squad, and a hometown crowd cheering them on to what they hope is their first victory against the Marauders. Friday night’s game will also mark the first time the two teams have gone up against each other in the regular season, “This is the one that counts,” says Hurricanes General Manager J.P. Terrasi. “The first few games were pre-season and just warm up matches. We were only able to play our high school and college players. Now that, we have our full team together, we’re looking forward to a different outcome.”

To make the rivalry even more intense, the teams are not only geographically close but conference rivals. The Hurricanes and Marauders, along with the Miami United, Jacksonville United, and Georgia Revolution make up the newly formed Sunshine Conference of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

With the familiarity between the two teams and the bubbling rivalry that continues to grow Friday’s game is sure to be exciting, “This game is huge for us. I’m confident we’ll get the win here at home. It will certainly be entertaining,” says Terrasi.

The game kicks off at 7:00pm at Cape Coral High School, located at 2300 Santa Barbara Boulevard, Cape Coral.

Tickets for the game will be available at the gate and sold for $6 for adults and $4 for students. Kids under 14 years old, and who are members of any youth soccer organization, can get in free with a paid adult. Children must wear their soccer club jersey to receive free entry.

For more information about the game or the Cape Coral Hurricanes, visit www.CapeHurricanes.com or call (239) 677-8752.

To read the full article online on the CapeCoral.com website, click the following link:



Marauders' field a "sand pit" re-match in Cape on May 31

The South Region's Sunshine Conference match highlights

Thursday, May 30, 2013

by Jeff Kuntz - 239Sports - www.239sports.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes could have spent their week being angry.

Angry at losing the Gulf Cost Cup against the Tampa Marauders 3 games to 0, angry at the cartoonish refereeing from their previous game, angry at the field at Blake High School in Tampa on which keeper John Damasco Jr., and midfielders Cody Antonini and Ramez El-Hebshi – all starting players for Cape Coral – each injured themselves.

Hurricanes head coach John Damasco Sr. called the field in Tampa a “sand pit”.

Speaking about the injuries in last Saturday’s 4-1 loss to the Tampa Marauders, the coach said, “It’s not surprising (that players got hurt) as much of the field was like playing beach soccer.”

It’s normally hard to get angry at the idea of playing beach soccer, but in this case it’s quite understandable.

Videos and images of the field at Blake High School viewed by 239Sports made us angry, as they absolutely confirm that the field was in horrendous condition. One of the videos we saw was when Damasco Jr. stepped in a gaping hole in the crease and twisted his ankle badly, likely making the keeper pretty angry as well.

We would have been angry too if we weren’t too busy cringing, watching Damaso Jr. collapsing to the ground in pain, physically unable to stop a relatively easy goal by the Maruaders which put Tampa up 2-0.

We voiced our concerns to the National Premier Soccer League’s head office. The league is now aware that the field is unsafe. The NPSL might be angry at us, but if it saves one young man or a referee from blowing out their knee then it’s worth it. If they allow another NPSL game to be played on that field and someone gets injured, I hope the injured party gets a really angry lawyer who’ll sue the NPSL, Blake High School and Marauders all way beyond what their various liability insurance policies cover.

But now, the time for anger is over.

Tomorrow night (Friday, May 31) the Cape Coral Hurricanes (0-1-1) have a re-match against the Tampa Marauders (0-0-1) in a regular season NPSL match. A win by Cape Coral would vault them in to a second place tie with Miami United in the Sunshine Division.

In order to beat Tampa tomorrow, the team will have to find a way to do more offensively. So far in the 3 Cup games the Hurricanes have only scored one goal. Cape Coral’s star scorer Cody Antonini has been snake-bitten of late, but Damasco Sr. isn’t worried.

“Cody just has to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s making some incredible runs and doing some incredible plays, he’s just been a bit unlucky. But it’s all about the law of averages and he’ll break through pretty quickly. We’re getting good opportunities and we just need to capitalize on those opportunities. It’s hard enough in this league, at this level, to get one goal, let alone more. If we get a few breaks and we keep getting our opportunities we’ll be looking good and the ball will eventually go in the net and I guarantee the goals will come,” said Damasco, adding, “Same goes for the other players. Antonio (Wint) has played well and scored most of our goals for us but we have some other real good offensive weapons that will get their share of goals here soon too. We’re always tweaking the offense, as good teams usually do, to maximize our chances.”

Chances certianly haven’t been the problem. Coach Damasco is right that at some point the Hurricanes luck will change and the team will be scoring goals left and right.

The team’s defense has fared much better, but like any coach, Damasco Sr. is always looking for ways to improve.

“We’ve been working hard on defending set pieces and a few corner kicks. That’s one thing we need to tighten up on. Then, we’ve been working hard on our midfield. Our defense has been strong and we have guys that can score but we need to do better getting those guys the ball. So, we’ve been working with a couple different formations to help us better accomplish that.”

Interesting observation.

Damasco Sr. feels as though his team’s transition game needs work. In the matches we’ve seen in person, and from the video we’ve been able to get, we hadn’t noticed that as one of Cape Coral’s problems – but then again we aren’t professional soccer scouts.

So as the team practices tonight, they’re confident it’ll be a different outcome now that their line-up is more established, the field at Cape Coral High School is devoid of quick-sand, and the referees will be sanctioned and assigned by the NPSL.

But does losing three straight Gulf Coast Cup games weigh on the mind of the Hurricanes’ players?

Coach Damasco doesn’t think so.

He explained: “I don’t want to say that we didn’t take it seriously because we did but we played with the best of what we had and you’re talking only a couple players with real experience post college and then just high school kids with a few freshmen and sophomores in college. They were extremely young early on but it still gave them some good playing time in those early games. It’s a different story now that we have nearly our full team, barring the latest injuries of course. We’re preparing well and we’ll be ready for these crucial upcoming games and we’ve proven we can play well on the road too. The points in the league are the important things and that’s what we’re going to concentrate on.”

Cape Coral is literally not the same team that lost those first two Cup games to Tampa in April. Nearly half their line-up has changed as collegiate players finished up at school and reported to the Hurricanes.

239Sports asked Hurricanes General Manager J.P. Terrasi if even more reinforcements were on the way.

“The roster is pretty much set. We do have two players uncleared yet but I’m hoping by game time tomorrow they will be,” said Terrasi.

Terrasi went on to say, “The only players that we may pull up are a couple from the Reserves. I won’t be adding any brand new guys to the roster for this season even though I get contacted at least 5-7 times a week from players from all over the world wanting to come here and play. I’m mean, who wouldn’t want to come to Southwest Florida for the summer and play soccer right?”


While most people would enjoy playing soccer in Southwest Florida this summer, there are a few people who won’t be playing soccer in Southwest Florida tomorrow night.

Terrasi confirmed to us that El-Hebshi and forward Andrew Palumbo are out for tomorrow’s game, while goalkeeper Damasco Jr. is unlikely to play.

That means Juan Carlos Intriago from Ecuador should be starting the game in the Hurricanes net.

Palumbo was ruled out for the Tampa game by doctors after suffering a deep bone bruise during the Hurricanes 3-2 win over the Ocala Stampede earlier this month. Damasco Sr. describes Palumbo as one of the team’s “best offensive players”.

The team is pushing hard for a victory and vows to put on a good show for the fans, as it’s the second-last NPSL regular season match of the year.

Kick-off tomorrow night is at 7:00pm. Adult tickets are $6, and the team is having a promotion where if you buy one ticket, you get one free.

To find out more about the Hurricanes, visit their website at capehurricanes.com or their Twitter feed at twitter.com/capehurricanes .

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Hurricanes visit Bonita Springs Preparatory & Fitness Academy

Thursday, May 28, 2013

Special to the Breeze , Cape Coral Daily Breeze - www.Cape-Coral-Daily-Breeze.com - news@breezenewspapers.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes paid a visit to the Bonita Springs Preparatory & Fitness Academy last week as part of the school's annual soccer field day festivities.

The Hurricanes players were there to meet with the kids, tour the school, have some fun and naturally play in a friendly match against the some of the students.

The game started friendly enough too with six Hurricane players playing against a full 11-player squad of 8th graders but when the Hurricanes, who were truly showing off their individual skills, went up 5-2, the school brought in their secret weapon a swarm of 1st and 2nd graders bringing the home team's player count to over 20!

"I honestly can't tell who had more fun," said Hurricane General Manager J.P. Terrasi, "the students or our players. Even though the guys were truly winded from putting on a show, we all couldn't stop laughing and having a great time with the kids! It was such a fun day and I want to thank Brenda Arnold, from the Academy, who put this whole event together for us."

A great time was had by all and the school eventually took home the Championships trophies with a 6-5 win. Each school participant got an award from the academy and the Hurricanes players each gave out team embroidered T-shirts and shorts along with dozens of autographs and pictures.

"The guys were treated like rock stars for sure," Terrasi said. "They really enjoyed themselves and a couple of them had never signed an autograph before, so the day was truly special for everyone involved. We already can't wait for the rematch next year!"

After the match, the Hurricane players ventured into the school's classrooms where they met and played with more students that weren't a part of the day's festivities.

"It was a lot of fun and it was great to see the Hurri-canes come down here to Bonita to take part in the day with us," said Brenda Arnold, the school's physical education teacher. "It was also great that they took the time to visit each of the classrooms and hang out with the other students as well."

You can see over 80 pictures from the adventure on the Hurricanes Facebook page at: www.face-book.com/capehurricanesand on the photo gallery page of the team's website too.

For more information about the Bonita Springs Fitness Academy, visit: www.edvantages.com/bonitasprings/bonita_welcome.html

The Hurricanes are home Friday, May 31st when the team takes on the Tampa Marauders in their 3rd match of the NPSL season. The game will take place at Cape Coral High School at 7 pm.

Both teams are members of the newly formed Sunshine Conference of the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) that also includes Miami United, Jacksonville United and the Georgia Revolution. For more on the game, the players and special promotions for both teams, you can visit their websites at:www.CapeHurricanes.com and www.tampamarauders.com

Tickets will be sold at the gate for only $6 for adults, $4 for students and then youth (14 and under) who are members of any youth soccer organization, can get in FREE with a paid adult as long as they wear their soccer club jersey.

To read the full article online at the Cape Coral Breeze website, click on the following link:



Hurricanes Prove Their Point

The South Conference's Sunshine Flight gets underway while the West Conference starts its second month

Friday, May 20, 2013

by Jeff Kuntz - 239Sports - www.239sports.com

The Sunshine Division of the National Premier Soccer League is going to be fun to watch.

Featuring powerhouses like Jacksonville United and the Georgia Revolution, an NPSL General Manager called it “one of the best (divisions) in the country for sure”.

Many observers believed NPSL newcomers like the Cape Coral Hurricanes, Miami United and the Tampa Marauders stood no real chance against their well-established divisional opponents.

After-all, just two seasons ago Jacksonville United were the league champions and are still very highly regarded in U.S. soccer circles, while last year the Revolution won 7 out of their 10 NPSL games (7 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses) to win their division.Cape Coral celebrates after goal in 20th minute

Needless to say, Cape Coral would have their hands full on Saturday, May 18th against Jacksonville.

Both teams clearly had something to prove. For Jacksonville United, it was their regular season opener, while for the Hurricanes it was their first NPSL game that would allow them to play with most of their key players in the lineup.

On May 4th, Cape Coral played against Miami United while missing a staggering 7 out of their 11 starters due to the fact the United States Soccer Federation had not declared them eligible to play.

Miami United defeated Cape Coral 3-0, while J.P. Terrasi, the frustrated General Manager of the Hurricanes, vowed that his team would prove to the NPSL that his squad could compete with the best of the best once he was able to field his full starting line-up.

Terrasi was right.

Cape Coral battled Jacksonville tooth and nail to a 1-1 draw, refusing to back down as the intensity increased throughout the game.

“It was a very physically played game on a small field,” said Jacksonville head coach Pat Cannon. “They were a tough physical team and were tough to break down. Both teams had plenty of chances and the game could have gone either way.”

By most accounts, the game should have actually gone only one way: a Hurricanes victory.

In the first half Cape Coral’s Cody Antonini failed to convert on a couple of golden scoring opportunities which could have put the Hurricanes in control of the match. Antonini was buzzing all evening as Jacksonville failed to find a way to control the Hurricanes star midfielder, allowing him to take four shots in the first half alone.

One of Antonini’s shots was so close to going in that the crowd of 189 fans believed he had scored and began cheering.

While none of Antonini’s attempts found the back of the net, in the 20th minute Antonio Wint caught Jacksonville’s keeper Stuart McCrory off guard by chipping a pass from Owen McCorkle over McCrory’s head to give the Hurricanes a 1-0 lead.

Jacksonville United got even in the 62nd minute as Hollis Donaldson crossed the ball inside the Hurricanes’ crease, taking an unfortunate bounce off a Hurricanes defender and finding itself right at the feet of Jacksonville’s Hector Vega in prime scoring position.

Vega made no mistake and buried it behind Hurricane keeper John Damasco Jr., tying the game at 1-1.

Despite that defensive lapse, Cape Coral controlled the pace for nearly the entire game and must have felt like they deserved the victory.

“We dominated the first half for sure and put Jacksonville on their heels,” said Terrasi.

“But then they came out much stronger in the second half and eventually tied it up. I think we are shocking people and most of the other teams were taking us for granted but we have an extremely strong team,” explained the Hurricanes’ GM.

Cape Coral head coach John Damasco Sr., whose son plays keeper for the Hurricanes, knew that his team let some valuable points slip away.

“Even though a few players got tired in the second half, the whole team played well tonight. It was great to see us jump out to an early lead but we definitely need to work on defending set pieces and corner kicks. That got us again tonight,” said Damasco Sr.

With the draw against Jacksonville the Cape Coral Hurricanes secured their first ever NPSL point, and more importantly have ensured that no other team will take them lightly this season.

For an expansion team that was supposed to be over-looked, Damasco has the Hurricanes playing focused, and it no longer would be a surprise if Cape Coral qualified for the NPSL playoffs.

Cape Coral currently sits in fourth place in the Sunshine Division with a 0-1-1 record. Their next game is Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 7pm against the Tampa Marauders (0-1-0) at Cape Coral High School. For information about tickets, please visit www.capehurricanes.com.

To read the full article online at the 239Sports website, click on the following link:



Hurricanes Season Underway

Wednesday, May 18, 2013

by Jeff Kuntz - 239Sports - www.239sports.com

Sitting up in the stands at Cape Coral High School on May 4th, a warm Saturday evening, were five young men staring intently at the field. They stood out right away, looking unusually focused for a group of guys who just seemed to be watching two soccer teams go through their warm-up routines preparing to play a game.

But it turns out these five young men, dressed in Cape Coral Hurricanes attire, were actually members of the home team who unfortunately hadn’t yet received clearance from the United States Soccer Federation to participate in the Hurricanes first ever regular season match in the National Premier Soccer League.

They were forced to sit and watch as their teammates prepared for their regular season debut against their new NPSL Sunshine Division rivals, Miami United.

Although the two teams had already played twice this year as part of the Everglades Cup, tonight’s match actually counted in the NPSL standings so both clubs wanted to come out strong. Miami United had drubbed Cape Coral 6-0 on April 14th in the first Cup match, but the second game on April 26th was an completely different story as the Hurricanes played arguably their best game in franchise history. Cape Coral lead the game 2-1 until the last minute when a desperate Miami team tied it up at 2-2 in the final minute of play.

Fast forwarding to the May 4th game, the five uncleared Hurricanes sat in the bleachers unable to help as a short-handed Hurricanes squad lost the NPSL opener 3-0.  Miami United were clearly the sharper and quicker of the two teams, and it would be fair to say that it was a one-sided game from start to finish.

However, we later discovered that there were even more Hurricanes players missing than we thought.

“We had 7 of our starting 11 guys not internationally cleared for the Miami United NPSL game which was a very important element for us,” said Hurricanes General Manager J.P. Terrasi.

The good news for the Hurricanes is that those problems are in the process of being resolved. Terrasi says that 4 out of the 7 uncleared starters have now been cleared by the USSF, and will be available to the team for their next NPSL match on May 18th against Jacksonville United.

“We got back some of our top college guys that add instant quality and credibility on the field. When you add a Cody Antonini, Andrew Palumbo, James Gibson, Olivier Benedict, among others, it serves as an immediate impact on the quality of play,” Terrasi explained.

They’ll need all the help they can get. Jacksonville United won the NPSL championship two seasons ago, and entered this year widely regarded as one of the serious contenders to win in all in 2013.

“Jacksonville is a deep and talented team that relies heavily on their defense,” noted Terrasi.

It’s pretty clear, though, that the GM believes he has enough skilled players to put the ball in the net. “It’s no question that we have a couple of speedsters and a couple guys that can really control the ball. Cody Antonini is no stranger to scoring and Antonio Wint has already proven that he can score. Andrew Palumbo has built his career on scoring and creating plays and Davian ‘Bobo’ Cranston is the fastest guy on the team and can create plays for us too,” Terrasi said.

In between the Miami United and Jacksonville United games, Cape Coral were invited to play in an exhibition match against the Ocala Stampede on May 11th, a highly regarded team from the Premier Development League.

Ocala were the PDL Southeast Division champions in 2012, boasting an 11-3-2 record and were looking for an opponent to serve as a preparation match for their first game in the U.S. Open Cup.

The PDL is part of the United Soccer Leagues, and is generally considered to be at the same level of play as the NPSL talent-wise.

Cape Coral surprised Ocala by defeating them 3-2 on goals from Antonio Win (2) and Wilfredo Alvarez. Observers of the match also praised Hurricanes keeper John Damasco for his sharp play, as the Stampede came out flying and took plenty of shots on goal.

With his team coming together, Terrasi feels like the Hurricanes are positioned to make some noise in the NPSL.

“We are going to be very competitive this season and we will give each team a real run for their money. There is no question about that. If we can maintain our guys positive attitude, have them continue to be healthy and keep getting them properly trained and playing well together, I firmly believe that we can compete with anyone in the league,” says Terrasi.

Cape Coral will have a chance to prove Terrasi right on Saturday, May 18th against Jacksonville.

Kick-off is at 7pm at Cape Coral High School, located at 2300 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991. Tickets are $6 for adults, and $4 for children – however any youth soccer player (14 and under) who wears their team jersey to the game can get in for free with a paying adult.

For more information about the Cape Coral Hurricanes, visit their website at www.capehurricanes.com.

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Collier Players Help Cape Coral Hurricanes Stun Jacksonville United

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Posted May 23, 2013 at 10:23 a.m. - www.NaplesNews.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes pulled off yet another shocker as they came out extremely strong in the first half this past Saturday night at Cape Coral High School against Jacksonville United during their 2nd NPSL League match. The Hurricanes earned their first point in league history by tying Jacksonville 1-1.

The National Premier Soccer League- Cape Coral Hurricanes Name Eight Collier Soccer Players to Official RosterThe Hurricanes jumped out to an early lead after Defender Owen McCorkle made a long pass over the top of the midfield to a rushing Antonio Wint who chipped the ball over the keeper for the game’s first goal.

Cody Antonini was dominant in the first half as well as he had four shots all just nearly missing it’s mark. One shot came so close that the crowd thought he had scored. Owen McCorkle and Nick Murawski also played extremely well defensively.

Team General Manager J.P. Terrasi stated, “the guys played well tonight against a very tough team. Most of the Jacksonville team has been playing together for years and for us to look that good in the first half is extremely exciting.”

“These guys played very hard and wanted to win badly. We dominated the first half for sure and put Jacksonville on their heels but then they came out much stronger in the second half and eventually tied it up”, exclaimed Terrasi, “I think we are shocking people and most of the other teams were taking us for granted but we have an extremely strong team.”

In the second half, Jacksonville did come out much stronger and eventually tied the game after a poor clearance by the Hurricanes defensive line. The ball came right back out front of the goal near the eighteen yard box where Jacksonville Midfielder Hector Vega knocked it over the defense to the back of the goal.

But it was goalkeeper John Damasco who really stole the show in that second half with six spectacular stops, two in immediate succession when it surely looked like Jacksonville was going to take the lead. Jacksonville ended up with a slight lead in shots at the end of the night but both teams had plenty of chances in the second half. Damasco was also voted the MVP of the game.

Forward Davian Cranston came on late in the game and provided a spark for the Hurricanes but just could not get any of his three shots on goal to go in.

"Even though a few players show some game fatigue in the second half, the whole team played well tonight", stated Coach John Damasco. "It felt great to see us jump out to an early lead."

Next the Hurricanes will travel up to Tampa to take on the Tampa Marauders this coming weekend in the third leg of the Gulf Coast Cup promotional series. The two teams are playing four additional non-league games against each other since the two cities are so close to one another.

“Even though Tampa has gotten the best of us thus far, now that our team is nearly complete, I think this coming weekend is going to be a bit different”, stated Terrasi, “we’re definitely turning some heads and were getting some national exposure because of it too. That 3-2 exhibition win last weekend against the PDL Southeastern Defending Champions Ocala Stampede, really shocked some people.”

The Hurricanes play in the Sunshine Conference of the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) that also includes Miami United, Tampa Marauders, Jacksonville United and the Georgia Revolution. For more on the games and the players, or to check out some Youtube game highlight videos, you can visit their website at: www.CapeHurricanes.com.

Friday night, May 31st is the next home NPSL league match where the Hurricanes will face the Tampa Marauders at Cape Coral High School at 7 p.m. You surely don’t want to miss this next exciting home game. Come check out YOUR Cape Coral Hurricanes!

Tickets will be sold at the gate for only $6 for adults, $4 for students and then youth (14 and under) who are members of any youth soccer organization, can get in FREE with a paid adult as long as they wear their soccer club jersey. You can check out more specials online at: www.CapeHurricanes.com


*  This story is contributed by a member of the Naples community and is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Naples Daily News


Picking up A Point

Jax United rally for 1-1 tie with Cape Coral

Saturday, May 18, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Florida---A 62nd minute goal by Hector Vega helped Jacksonville United FC pick up a road point in their first conference game of the season, as they tied NPSL newcomer Cape Coral Hurricanes 1-1 Saturday night.

During the first half Jacksonville had chances to score but was never able to capitalize. Cape Coral took advantage of Jacksonville on the counter attack and pushed the ball against Jacksonville's young center backs. In the 20th minute Owen McCorkle played a ball to Antonio Wint who then chipped the keeper to give the Hurricanes the lead.

In the 62nd minute Hollis Donaldson crossed the ball inside the box and it took a deflection off a Cape Coral's defender and landed at Vega's feet and he shot a perfect ball into the back of the net to make the score at 1-1. 

“I did not think twice about it and just shot it,” said Vega of his goal.

Jacksonville got off to a rocky start, starting five new players from their last game. The heat also proved to be a factor as the team struggled. half In the 20th minute Jay Bolt replaced injured player Teddy Mulamba in defense.

United coact Pat Cannon made a tactical change at the half, bringing in Rami Safi to replace Darko Karamatic in the midfield. Safi's presence was felt immediately as he took control of the ball and played it to his teammates to create chances.

To read the full article online, click on the following link:



Semi-Pro Soccer Fans In Luck This Summer

Southwest Florida Adrenaline, Cape Coral Hurricaness begin season in national leagues

Written by:  Carl Bleich, Special to the News Press - May 14, 2013 at 10:23 a.m. - www.News-Press.com

Soccer fans in Southwest Florida will have two different semi-professional teams in different prominent leagues to support this summer.

The Southwest Florida Adrenaline and Cape Coral Hurricanes are each kicking off their first seasons in national leagues and will play a national schedule while hosting their home games in Southwest Florida.

Adrenaline team owner Jeff Butzke and Hurricanes general manager J.P. Terrasi said that plenty of local, national and even international soccer talent will be on display here this summer.

After playing an exhibition season in 2012 in which they went 4-3-2, the Cape Coral Hurricanes joined the National Premier Soccer League for the 2013 season. The NPSL is a 57-team league split into four regions that span the country.

The Hurricanes, coached by John Damasco, will play in the South Region’s Sunshine Division with four other teams from the southeast United States.

One key player to watch this season for the Hurricanes is midfielder Cody Antonini. Antonini, who is one of just two players on the roster without ties to Southwest Florida, played for reigning NPSL champion FC Sonic last season and was an NPSL all-star.

Bishop Verot graduate Andrew Palumbo and Cape Coral High graduate Olivier Benedict, a member of Cape Coral’s state championship team during the 2010-2011 season, are two other notable Hurricanes.

“Once we found out the kind of talent that there was in Southwest Florida, there was no question that we could fill a team with mostly local talent,” Terrasi said. “We want to develop local talent and be a community-based team. We want to give local guys a team to play on to be able to continue their careers.”

The Adrenaline and the Hurricanes have current college players on their roster and do not have to pay them so that the college players do not violate NCAA rules and lose their eligibility.

Butzke believes that his team is closely comparable to the Florida Everblades and Fort Myers Miracle.

“If you compare us to the Everblades or Miracle, we sort of are in that A-level baseball or minor league hockey category,” said Butzke, who intends on giving away at least $9,000 in scholarships to fans in attendance under the age of 21 this season. “We have an excellent shot to be competitive this season.”


Cape Coral Hurricanes

League: National Premier Soccer League

Division: South Region, Sunshine Division

Coach: John Damasco

Home venue: Cape Coral High School

Tickets: $6 for adults, $4 for children

Number, Position, Name, Former team

0, GK Daniel Villamil, Cape Coral Cyclones

00, GK Justin Dzwonczyk, Cape Coral Hurricanes

2, CB Beker Escalante, Cape Coral Hurricanes

3, LB Kyle Thompson, Florida Gulf Coast University

4, CM, Alvis Ortega, Alabama A&M

5, CM, Olivier Benedict, Georgia Pacific

6, F, Owen McCorkle, Gulf Coast High

7, F, Rocky Gifford, Tampa Marauders

8, LM, Nick Murawski, Eckerd College

9, F/MF, Rico Hernandez, Missouri Valley College

10, F/MF, Kevin McCarthy, Hobert College

11, F/MF Davian Cranston, Cape Coral Hurricanes

12, F/MF Antonio Wint, Cape Coral League

13, F/MF Eric Carruega, North Fort Myers High

14, F McGyver Fondrose, Cape Coral Hurricanes

15, RB, Ivan Zigarevich, Ave Maria

16, CM, Cody Antonini, FC Sonic

17, RM, Andres Franco, Warner University

18, F, Andrew Palumbo, Darton College

19, F Blaise Bourgeois, Purchase College

20, F, James Gibson, Florida Southern

21, LM, Ramez Al-Hebshi, New York State University

22, D, Cameron Popik, Ave Maria

23, F, Javier Sepulveda, Cape Coral Hurricanes

24, D, John Teeter, Warner University

25, MF, Wilfredo Alvarez, Barron Collier High

26, GK, John Damasco, Eckerd College

Saturday—Jacksonville United at Cape Coral, 7 p.m.

Saturday, May 25—Cape Coral at Tampa Marauders, 2 p.m.

Friday, May 31—Tampa Marauders at Cape Coral, 7 p.m.

Sunday, June 9—Georgia Revolution at Cape Coral, 3 p.m.

Saturday, June 15—Cape Coral at Jacksonville United, 8 p.m.

Saturday, June 22—Cape Coral at Tampa Marauders, 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 29—Cape Coral at Georgia Revolution, 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 7—Cape Coral at Miami United, 3 p.m.

Saturday, July 13—Tampa Marauders at Cape Coral, 7 p.m.

Saturday, July 20—Cape Coral at Miami United, 7 p.m.

Saturday, July 27—Miami United at Cape Coral, 7 p.m.

Saturday, August 10—Fort Myers Genesis at Cape Coral, 7 p.m. (friendly)

Note: All home games will be played at Cape Coral High School


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The National Premier Soccer League - Cape Coral Hurricanes Name Eight Collier Soccer Players to Official Roster

Tuesday, May 13, 2013

Posted May 13, 2013 at 9:57 a.m.www.NaplesNews.com

The Cape Coral Hurricanes are bringing a new level of soccer to Southwest Florida. Team General Manager, J.P. Terrasi is excited for the team and its upcoming, inaugural season in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) which plays in the 4th Division of U.S. Soccer.

The National Premier Soccer League- Cape Coral Hurricanes Name Eight Collier Soccer Players to Official RosterThe NPSL is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The USSF is the governing body of soccer in the U.S. In their pursuit to bring pro soccer to southwest Florida, the Cape Hurricanes will have a competitive schedule featuring at 8 home games that will be played at Cape Coral High school.

Although the team’s home field is Cape Coral High school, Collier County soccer fans will have a great reason to take the short ride up the road. Fans will not only be supporting a professionally organized, premier level men’s soccer team in the area, but will be supporting some of Collier County’s own premier soccer players that have made the Hurricane’s official 26 man NPSL roster.

John Damasco - GK– Barron Collier High school & Eckerd College NCAA Div. II; Andres Franco – MF - Golden Gate High school & Warner University NAIA; Cameron Popik – DEF – Ave Maria University, Wilfredo Alvarez – MF - Barron Collier High school; Becker Escalante – DEF - Lely High school and Owen McCorkle – MF/DEF - Gulf coast High school (State champion).

Also making the roster are a pair of experienced players that reside in Naples and coach in our community youth programs. Kevin McCarthy – Hobert College and Alvis Ortega – Alabama A&M and Bolivia 1st& 2nd Divisions.

These outstanding Collier County players and graduates will join a full and exciting roster of players from England, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, and Jamaica as well as top collegiate players from not only South Florida but all around the country.

In their last preseason game the Hurricanes were able to hold one of the NPSL’s highly touted professional teams, Miami United, to a 2-2 draw. Then, just recently, the Hurricanes earned a shocking 3-2 victory over The Ocala Stampede, which are the defending PDL Southeast Division Champions and one of the entries into the 2013 U.S. Open Cup.

The next regular season home game is this coming Saturday night, May 18th against 2011 NPSL National Champions Jacksonville United FC. To learn more about the Hurricanes and this great opportunity to see some of the top premier men’s soccer teams participating in the NPSL right here in Southwest Florida go to www.CapeHurricanes.com.

For more information about the Cape Coral Hurricane’s NPSL team, players, tickets and ticket promotions, merchandise, schedule, team history, sponsorships, advertising, the Hurricane’s U23 Reserve team, or any other questions, please see our website at: www.CapeHurricanes.com or contact our General Manager – J.P. Terrasi at (239) 677-8752 or email to jp@capehurricanes.com You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and you can also get information on becoming a Stormtrooper, which is their official supporter’s club at: https://www.facebook.com/Stormtrooper...

For more information about the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League), see: www.npslsoccer.net.

To read the full article online on the News Press Website, click on the following link:



* This story is contributed by a member of the Naples community and is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Naples Daily News


Soccer Newsday - NPSL Weekly:  Sunshine Sides Start Season

The South Conference's Sunshine Flight gets underway while the West Conference starts its second month

Friday, May 3, 2013

by Daniel Casey - Soccer News Day - www.SoccerNewsDay.com  

The Miami United NPSL soccer team brought all but two of its high touted and famed international players to Cape Coral Friday night for the s

This weekend the NPSL’s Sunshine Flight of the South Conference gets its season underway with the league’s newest rivalry, the Everglades Cup, between Cape Coral Hurricanes and Miami United.

During the preseason, the teams have played twice with Miami drubbing Cape Coral 6-1 the first time out and then drawing 2-2 in the second match. One suspects the 2013 debut for each of these expansion clubs this Saturday will result in another high-scoring affair.

The Everglades Cup isn’t the only rivalry cup that Cape Coral is in. There’s also the Gulf Coast Cup against the other Florida expansion side Tampa Marauders. Unfortunately for Cape Coral, it appears that it can’t get much traction in this match up either with 2 preseason games both going 2-0 in Tampa’s favor.

Tampa will be opening its season away at Jacksonville United, the defending champions. Soccer in Florida has grown by leaps in bounds over the last 2 seasons. It would seem that the new faces Cape Coral, Tampa and Miami will definitely bring an edge to the competition. It’ll be very interesting to see who comes away as the NPSL’s champions of Florida.

US Open Cup begins

While the Floridians sort themselves out, the Georgia Revolution will spend the weekend prepping for their Play-In Round match for the 100th US Open Cup this Tuesday against the Colorado Rovers.

Also facing a US Open Cup Play-In Round game on Tuesday will be the West Conference’s FC Hasental. The squad will be on short rest after facing the San Diego Flash this Saturday.

FC Hasental has cooled since the ridiculous opening match goal barrage as it has faced progressively better opposition in the West Conference’s Southern Flight. FC Hasental will face the San Diego Flash, who is coming off a 5-0 victory over the conference’s whipping boy, Las Vegas Stallions FC.

Vegas trouble

Las Vegas has had a horrid start to its season. Arguably its best match thus far had been a 0-0 draw to the other San Diego side, San Diego Boca. Things won’t get easier for the Stallions this weekend against Flight-leaders Orange County.

OC Pateadores are undefeated (3-1-0), having only given up 2 goals, and last week against San Diego Boca got their offense going in a 8-0 win. While Las Vegas has started off poorly, it’s been no picnic for Boca.

Boca will also face a challenge, going up against FC Santa Clarita, which is on a 3-match winning streak. If Boca can turn its form around, it’ll be due to the fact that Santa Clarita has only just won these matches by a single goal.  

Marquee matchup in the Northern Flight

In the Northern Flight, the San Francisco Stompers will have the weekend off. Hopefully, the squad will take the time to buck up its ideas and re-set its game plan. April for San Francisco was a bit of a nightmare as the team recorded 4 straight losses.

Also having a hard time of it so far is the Northern Flight’s expansion side CD Aguiluchos USA, with their lone win coming against San Francisco. CD Aguiluchos will travel to face the staunchly middling Real San Jose.

The weekend’s marquee match will be between the Sacramento Gold and Sonoma County Sol. With only a point separating the 2 teams this will be an early season test. If Sonoma County is victorious, it’ll have begun to put a nice cushion between itself and the rest of the Northern Flight.

But if Sacramento comes out ahead, it will set the tone for the rest of the matches between the two as it is quickly becoming clear that the Northern Flight winner will be on these sides.




Cape Coral Hurricanes GM - J.P. Terrasi on Ultras Alive Radio Show

Cape Coral Hurricanes General Manager was interviewed by Pieter Brown and Uncle Ed on the Ultras Alive internet radio show on Monday night, April 29th.  Ultras Alive is an internet podcast radio show hosted by Fort Lauderdale Strikers supporters but they cover a wide range of soccer topics and guests.

During this show, they talk through the Hurricanes roster, season, playing Miami United, the NPSL, the Sunshine Conference and the growth of the league.  J.P. is the second interview of the show and they spent about 25 minutes together.  They've invited J.P. back on the show at a future date later in the season too.



To be taken directly to the page where you can listen to the whole broadcast, click on this link below:



Hurricanes Play to a 2-2 Tie with Miami United

April 30, 2013 - Cape Coral, FL

Special to The Breeze , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Miami United NPSL soccer team brought all but two of its high touted and famed international players to Cape Coral Friday night for the second leg of the Everglades Cup Series against the Cape Coral Hurricanes.

Two weeks ago, the Hurricanes traveled to Miami for leg one of the series. The game was scheduled to be played the night before but because of field conflicts, Miami had to ask for the game to be rescheduled until Sunday afternoon. The Hurricanes still made the trip although with a severely depleted 13-player roster since many of them had work and school commitments.

The highly touted Miami team proceeded to roll up a 6-0 score against the Hurricane squad.

Friday night, Miami had brought a similar team that the Hurricanes faced two weeks prior but there wasn't much the same with the Cape Coral squad. Even though the Hurricanes only got three new players in from the dozen or so that they are expecting back from college, everything looked and felt different about the team even leading up to the opening kickoff.

The Hurricanes dominated time of possession in the first half and also played well off the counter as was showed by the team's first goal. Davian Cranston took a good midfield pass down the left side and had a great cross where newcomer Cody Antonini was finishing his run and tucked it home for the first score of the game.

The second goal came just over ten minutes later as the Hurricanes, who were really starting to play well together, had a string of successful good passes that was started by newcomer Nick Murawski in midfield and he also ended it after completing his left-sided run where he slammed the ball home cross-corner past the goalkeeper.

The home crowd erupted in cheers as the Hurricanes up 2-0 over the highly touted Miami United squad. The Hurricanes continued to press but the Miami United team got their shots in as well after that and could have went on the board a few times if it weren't for some excellent shot stopping from Cape Coral goalkeeper John Damasco.

The Hurricanes had a momentary lapse of defense right at the end of the first half. That brief moment allowed Miami to get on the board with a well placed corner kick and subsequent scramble in front of the net. Stefan Diopp was in the right place at the right time, as he popped the ball past the Hurricane keeper with less than 20 seconds to go of injury time.

The second half started much like the first half with the Hurricanes coming out and pressing the play. They outshot the Miami team in both halves 14 to 12 but the Hurricanes had four shots that could have easily doubled the score.

Each team made substitutions and play went back and forth through the remainder of the game until the final possession when Miami had backed up the Hurricanes deep into their zone. Miami was knocking on the door when one of their players went down easily just outside of the box forcing a free kick.

The Miami player stepped up and drove the ball over the Hurricane wall and hit the underside of the crossbar in the top left corner. The ball ricocheted and fell just over the line for the game's final goal. Although the game ended in a 2-2 tie, the Miami team got much more than they were hoping as the younger Hurricanes played very hard and well together throughout the game.

Both teams are two of the newest to the NPSL and are members of the newly formed Sunshine Conference that also includes Jacksonville United, Tampa Marauders and the Georgia Revolution. For more on the game and the players for both teams, visit their websites at: www.CapeHurri-canes.com and www.MiamiUnited-Soccer.com.

Saturday night, May 4, marks the first match of the Inaugural NPSL season for both teams when the two teams play each other once again at Cape Coral High School at 7 p.m.

Tickets will be sold at the gate for only $6 for adults, $4 for students and then youth (14 and under) who are members of any youth soccer organization can get in free with a paid adult as long as they wear their soccer club jersey.

To read the full article online at the Cape Coral Breeze website, click on the following link:



NPSL Rivals Cape Coral and Miami Fire Four in Everglades Cup Bonanza

Cape Coral Hurricanes continued their push towards their inaugural NPSL soccer season with the second leg of their Everglades Cup match v Miami United on Friday night, looking to avenge the 6-0 thrashing they had suffered at the hands of their Florida co-horts two weeks ago down in steamy Miami.

The Hurricanes had a much improved squad to choose from since that game, a game that due to a schedule shift meant that many of their regular players couldn't participate in, and looked to bring the fire upon the visiting side in revenge for the heavy defeat placed upon them that day.

With a combination of players new and old, the Hurricanes looked more cohesive than the first leg, in particular Cody Antonini and Nick Murawski who played beyond their years, taking control of the game - grabbing possession by the scruff of the neck.

In keeping with this dominance, they took a deserved lead when Davian Cranston played in Cody Antonini who fired home as he collected the pinpoint cross, scoring the opening goal to give his side a 1-0 lead.

Cape Coral continued in this vein and within 10 minutes added a second goal much to the desire and determination of Nick Murawski, who started the move in a series of passes before finally receiving the ball back in striking range, to drill the ball past the keeper making the score line an impressive 2-0.

It was a dream coming true for the players and supporters alike against a highly rated Miami United side but the game was far from over however and the visitors were entertaining to watch without having produced the end product thus far.

Cape Coral goalkeeper John Damasco had been on excellent form throughout the first period and was called upon several times to keep Miami at bay, form that would never be called into question despite losing a goal close to the end of the first half.

Stefan Diopp managed to squeeze the ball over the line after a mass scramble in the six yard area to end the half 2-1 to the home side.

It's often said that the worst time to lose a goal is right before half time but it didn't appear to affect Cape Coral as they bolted from the starting gates in the second half, much like they did in the opening 45 minutes.

The game moved from end to end, chances being created, saves being made but in similar style to the first half, Miami scored their equalizer from a set piece, this time from a free kick from just outside the box that was sent direct into the postage stamp with a deflection from the bar.

It was harsh on the Hurricanes to lose a goal so late in proceedings but the game's never over until the fat lady sings and Miami proved that point by pushing all the way until the final whistle.

Final score
Cape Coral Hurricanes 2
Miami United 2

Both Cape Coral Hurricanes & Miami United are part of the newly formed Sunshine Conference alongside Jacksonville United, Tampa Marauders and the Georgia Revolution with kick off in the conference starting this coming Saturday, May 4th.

To read the full article online at the Examiner website, click on the following link:


Schedules and team details can be found here:


You can follow Region3Soccer on Twitter @region3soccer


Miami United team to visit Cape to take on Hurricanes

Highly Touted and Talented Miami United Team Comes to Town

April 24, 2013 - Cape Coral, FL

Special to The Breeze , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The highly touted and highly talented Miami United International soccer players are coming to Cape Coral this Friday night, April 26. The game will be the second leg of the Everglades Cup Series that the Cape Coral Hurricanes and Miami United will play this summer. The two teams are set to play each other four times for this special series and two additional times in National Premier Soccer League play.

Both teams are two of the newest to the NPSL and are members of the newly formed Sunshine Conference that also includes Jacksonville United, Tampa Marauders and the Georgia Revolution.

The first leg of the series that was held two weeks ago was a difficult one for the Hurricanes as they lost 6-0 but Miami had requested that the game be rescheduled to Sunday afternoon from the already scheduled Saturday night game and the Hurricanes were missing many key players that afternoon.

Even though the NPSL is primarily a developmental league in the U.S. Soccer pyramid, a few teams have made the decision to have professionals on their squad. Miami United is one of those teams that have made the decision to forgo the use of college players and instead have recruited top players from all over the world. According to their website at: www.miamiunitedsoccer.com, they have international players hailing from Honduras, Brazil and even a player that was signed by AC Milan in Italy. They list Simon Quintieri, Daniele Fortunato and Joao Paulo Marangon as the "Brazitalians" on the team, Mattia Desole as their key recruit from AC Milan and three other Honduran Internationals as well.

Most teams in the league use numerous college players to make up their squads and according to NCAA rules, those players cannot report to spring camp until after May 1.

So, as the Hurricanes and most of the teams across the country are still waiting on some of their key players, those few teams, like Miami, have already had their full squads in camp and have been training regularly.

"It will surely be interesting," said head coach Joe Zakowicz, "our players got quite the education when we went to Miami a couple of weeks ago but it was good for them to play against that kind of quality."

This egame kicks off at 7 p.m. Friday at Cape High School. Tickets will be sold at the gate for only $6 for adults, $4 for students and then youth (14 and under) who are members of any youth soccer organization, can get in free with a paid adult as long as they wear their soccer club jersey. You can also check out more specials online at: www.CapeHurricanes.com

For more information about the Cape Coral Hurricane's NPSL team, players, tickets and ticket promotions, merchandise, schedule, team history, sponsorships, advertising, the Hurri-cane's U23 Reserve team, or any other questions, please see our website at:www.CapeHurricanes.com or contact General Manager J.P. Terrasi at 239-677-8752 or email to jp@capehurricanes.com

For more information about the NPSL, visit www.npslsoccer.net

To download the full article, you can Download the PDF - HERE

To read the full article online - http://www.cape-coral-daily-breeze.com/page/content.detail/id/534708/Miami-United-team-to-visit-Cape-to-take-on-Huricanes.html?nav=5015


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